2019 Gathering in Kansas City

In August of 2019 about 55 of us gathered in Kansas City, Kansas. Here are photos from the event.

Our speakers were Linda Buck, CSJ of Orange, and Amy Hereford, CSJ of Carondelet, St Louis.

Click here to read a paper presented by Linda Buck, CSJ entitled Leaders in a Diaspora Moment: A Framework for the Emergent in Religious Life. “There is a reality that we must face in apostolic Religious Life – that there is no turning back that so much of what has been is no longer, such as institutional ministries. We are called to let go of oue expectations and hopes for how things were. We are in a moment that is irreversible, and it is happening whether we participate or not…”

Click here to read about Amy Hereford’s new book, Beyond the Crossroads, and see a synopsis of her presentation in Kansas City. “[We look] into the world of aviation for an image that may be helpful for understanding the magnitude of the evolution taking place in religious life and the dynamics of the shift we are making…”